How about this? A Brethren in Christ bishop finding words from the U.S. Army that align with his thinking about a similar necessity in the Church.

The article I read spoke of a new major command structure, called, simply enough: “The Futures Command.” Said the army secretary, “The present has consumed the future.” Another spokesperson said, “We can’t try to win the next war using the last war’s equipment and tactics.”

Those are helpful words to me. Within the last month, three entrepreneurial pastoral leaders have proposed to me a regional Brethren in Christ Church with the pastor being a church multiplying pastor (how good is it to have mission embedded in the job title!), a BIC Church on the internet, and a Brethren in Christ Church in Chicago that provides special ministry to the neighborhood that has a high percentage of families who have a family member in prison.

I agree with the army: The present demands of church life consumes thinking about the future.

Soon I meet with two ministry leader partners for the Great Lakes Conference. During that meeting I want to give thought, not to “the last war’s equipment and tactics,” but to the fresh winds of the Spirit for the future.

I expect you want to do the same in your world.

God bless you my friend, as you lean into the future,

Bishop Lynn

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